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When can I find out my child’s gender?

--- 22 Jan 2019

The pregnancy test only just showed those magical pink lines, confirming your pregnancy suspicions, and no doubt you’re already wondering – is it a boy or a girl? The child’s sex is determined at the very moment of conception, however, in the first weeks, both sexes develop exactly the same.


A small bud develops, it is the base from which the penis or the clitoris form. The determination of sex in early pregnancy is, therefore, more difficult with ultrasound, although an inaccurate opinion can be made by a gynecologist during the nuchal translucency test, during the 11th and the 14th week of pregnancy.

The most reliable time to determine the sex of a child with ultrasound is around the 20th week of pregnancy. It is normally determined during the early fetal morphology. The child’s sexual organs have developed enough to be distinguishable, furthermore, the child is still able to lie comfortably in the belly, providing an ideal opportunity for the gynecologist to determine the sex. It is much easier to recognize boys, as they have more pronounced external sexual characteristics than girls.

The child’s sex can be easily determined with amniocentesis performed between the 15th and the 20th week of pregnancy, but be warned, this procedure can result in abortion, premature birth, bleeding or other complications during pregnancy.



Is it a boy or a girl? Determine the sex of your baby as early as the 10th week of your pregnancy with 100% accuracy. The quickest way to finding out your baby’s gender is provided by GenePlanet. The NIPT by GenePlanet test tells you your child’s sex in the 10th week of pregnancy! It analyzes the mother’s blood sample providing the greatest possible accuracy. The NIPT by GenePlanet test reveals the sex of the baby with the help of the non-invasive NIPT by GenePlanet test. The child’s DNA is found in the mother’s bloodstream, which is analyzed with the latest technology.

The NIPT by GenePlanet test is over 99% accurate in determining the risk that the baby will be born with one of the more common chromosomal abnormalities; such as Down’s, Edwards and Patau’s syndrome. At the same time, 60 clinically relevant deletion and duplication syndromes and sexual aneuploidies syndromes are tested. The latter is one of the more common reasons future mothers choose the NIPT BY GenePlanet test. It is completely safe for both the expecting mother as well as the child and is available in 50 countries all over the world!




You can try to predict the baby’s sex based on old wives tales, it may, however, prove to be a little less accurate. They say that if you notice changes on your skin (acne, pimples) you are expecting a girl, if you don’t notice such changes, then it’s a boy. Pregnant women who receive dense and strong hair during pregnancy are carrying a boy, those with thin hair and no volume are pregnant with a girl.

Old wives tales also claim that you are definitely pregnant with a boy if you have that pregnant glow (although in principle, “the glow” is very common among pregnant women). A boy is also expected if the pregnant woman’s feet increase in size (usually half a size), if the pregnancy is accompanied by headaches, if you sleep on your left side, if your nipples darken and if you appear to be clumsier than usual. Girls on the other side, are associated with sleeping on the right side, no headaches, nipple color and feet size remain the same, and a larger left breast. They also say that if the tummy is tight and located high on your body you will give birth to a girl and a boy if the bump is lower.


What about you? Do you believe the old wives tales or would you rather take the NIPT by GenePlanet test and find out the sex of your baby early and with certainty?  😊

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