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Knowing the health of your baby in early pregnancy: how much is it worth?

--- 23 May 2019

Did you know that you can learn if your baby is healthy as early as in week 10 of pregnancy?

Over 3 million pregnant women all over the world have already decided to take NIPT, a safe, non-invasive prenatal test. It was designed to detect in early pregnancy the most common genetic irregularities with high accuracy and without any risk for abortion. In Slovenia, more and more future parents decide to place their trust in the hands of top experts who stand behind the NIPT test. And each day, future mommies choose to test the health of their babies.

Among them are singer Rebeka Dremelj, TV host Stančka Šukalo, blogger Anja Oman, and many others. But this time we wanted to hear the experience of 26-years old Anja who performed the NIPT test 10 days ago.

She began: »Based on good results of my nuchal scan and my age the gynaecologist said that additional tests are entirely unnecessary, but I didn’t want to leave anything to chance. I am well aware of all the possible defects and complications, and I wanted to spend my pregnancy being 100% sure that everything will be all right. «

Amniocentesis and chorion biopsy (CVS) were not an option because they increase the risk for abortion, so NIPT test was the only logical choice.

»I heard a lot of positive things about NIPT even before I got pregnant, so for me, it was a no-brainer. It convinced me with its safety. The test requires a blood sample – just 10 ml of blood. This means that there is no unnecessary risk, which is present with invasive methods. «

NIPT is considered the most complete test on the market, and last year it has expanded the scope of chromosomal irregularities it tests for. Besides the most common genetic defect, a trisomy (causing Down, Edwards and Patau syndromes), it simultaneously tests for 63 clinically relevant genetic deletions and duplications, as well as aneuploidy of other chromosomes. And not only that – NIPT can also reveal the baby’s gender!

»I decided to get NIPT Plus, which inspects a complete range of possible irregularities. A lot of pregnant women feel that the price of such tests is too high, but I think that the price is completely justified. Some are willing to spend over 1000 euro for a stroller, but the information about the health of their baby, which influences the lives of the entire family, is not worth 590 euro?«

Prices of the NIPT test vary according to the scope of irregularities it tests for and ranges from € 350 to € 590. NIPT can be paid for in instalments. In just 6 days after taking the test, Anja received a call from her gynaecologist regarding her results.

»I did not expect to receive results so soon, so I was very surprised and also nervous. I knew deep down that everything is ok, but until you get confirmation, even the smallest chance causes fear. When my gynaecologist told me with a smile that my baby boy is going to be healthy, I had tears in my eyes. Because of this information, I can now calmly enjoy pregnancy and prepare for the next chapter of my life. «

The NIPT test enables future parents to learn more about the genetic health of their baby as early as week 10 of pregnancy. The test is also appropriate for women who have conceived with the help of IVF or for those carrying twins.

NIPT is the number 1 prenatal test in the world.

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