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Knowing the health of your baby in early pregnancy: how much is it worth?

--- 23 May 2019

Did you know that you can learn if your baby is healthy as early as in week 10 of pregnancy? Over 3 million pregnant women all over the world have already decided to take NIPT, a safe, non-invasive prenatal test. It was designed to detect in early pregnancy the most common genetic irregularities with high accuracy and without any risk…

Prenatal tests – find out more about the health of your unborn child

--- 21 Mar 2019

Dear Future Mom! What your baby looks like at 10 weeks? Did you know that in the 3rd week of pregnancy, the fetus has developedits gender as well as eye and hair color? And that with the help of the latest research and technology the child’s risk of being born with one of the most common genetic diseases can be…

Over 35 and pregnant? What you need to know

--- 21 Mar 2019

Due to a recent change in our lifestyle, priorities and needs, many women today are waiting later in life to have children. There are 6 times more women aged between 35 and 39 who are pregnant for the first time, than there were in the 1970s and twice as many first-time pregnant women over the age of 40 as there…

Myths and truths about pregnancy

--- 30 Jan 2019

Congratulations, you’re pregnant! You’ve no doubt heard certain myths or pear of wisdom involving pregnancy, but can you tell the truths from the myths?   Frequent bathroom trips – true Due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, you will feel a much greater need to visit the toilet. Consequently, it is one of the first signs of pregnancy. As time goes by,…

What made me decide to choose the NIPT by GenePlanet test after the Nuchal translucency and the DHT tests?

--- 22 Jan 2019

“I didn’t even consider the NIPT by GenePlaneT test until a situation occurred that turned my world upside down. I never even consider something might be wrong or out of the ordinary during my pregnancy. After all, I’m a healthy 25-year-old and major deviations from an ordinary pregnancy aren’t expected. However, the results from my nuchal translucency examination were concerning, to…